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The #1 Rated WiFi Marketing Solution
For Generating Your Business More Loyal Customers
The #1 Rated WiFi Marketing Solution
For Generating Your Business More Loyal Customers
Uncover The Benefits of WiFi Marketing
Branded Login Portal
Our graphic designers will create a custom branded login portal that will be attractive for your customers.We can have social media logins can be integrated for customers to log on to your wifi faster.
Smart Messages
With our smart messages, you can build a personalized connection with your customers. We will send the right message to your customers at the perfect time. Let’s say Jennifer hasn’t come into the store in 30 days, you can create a customized message to entice her back in. We can also create segments for people who come in during happy hour or other specials you may have, and with these segments, we can send emails to the people who have visited in the past during this time.
The Walk-Through-Rate™ is the number of people who walk through your door. This is one the best metrics to track because it will let you know how effective your smart messages are. With most email marketing solutions you track the click-through-rate which tracks the number of clicks from your email to your website but when you have a brick and mortar you want to see who comes in from your email blasts, the Walk-Through-Rate™ allows us to find this.
Reputation Management
85% of people trust online reviews as personal recommendations. This means most of your customers are going to search for you online and if your online reputation isn’t portraying a good presence people are most likely not going to go to your establishment. We will manage your online reputation and after a customer leaves your establishment we will send them a thank you email and at the bottom, they can review the business. We will also manage any negative feedback from your customers and speak with them about why they left negative feedback. Your online reputation is critical when bringing in new business to ensure it is being handled properly.
Customer Loyalty
Since we can track our customer’s visits this allows customer loyalty to become even easier. We can set up and email blast with a discount to send out after a customer visits a certain amount of times. This makes having a separate customer loyalty programs a thing of the past, with this integration it will make it a lot easier to manage things.
Once a customer connects to the wifi, we will be able to learn more about the customer’s demographics. We are able to find this with our software, it will search the internet for any information that involves that email address. This is great for understanding your target market and finding out the actual demographics of your customers.
Lifetime Customer Value
Everytime a customer comes into your business they have a value assigned to them and this value will be based on the average amount a customer spends when they visit your establishment. We can track the average amount that is spent by each customer and each customer will have their own profile where we can see these metrics.
Anthony's coal fired pizza case study
Anthony's coal fired pizza case study
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